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What Is Coasteering?

Coasteering is an extreme adventure activity that includes traversing the coastline, short swims and lots of jumps into the sea! We also have sea caves dotted along our routes, that we explore.  

Jumps can be from as low as 1m up to 10m! You just pick the height you want to jump from according to how confident you feel! There is never any pressure from us.

Coasteering is about getting out there and exploring the beautiful coastline that nature has provided us in North Devon. It’s about testing yourself, sending it off jumps, swimming in one of our wave filled gully crossing’s, exploring the amazing caves or simply just being out and connected to nature.

North Devon's coastline has stunning views, but as it also has the 2nd biggest tidal movement in the world, so it can be incredibly challenging at times. This is why we split our Croyde & Hele bay routes, so you can choose the best option that suits your abilities and the level of adventure you want.


Put this all together and you get a truly unique experience every time we head out. The sessions themselves can be whatever you want them to be, as long as you leave with a smile on your face, we are happy!!

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Croyde Bay  2.5 Hours

Age 8+

General level of fitness and the ability to swim required

Croyde Bay needs no introduction as it's one of the UK’s premier surf spots and beach.

A short walk along the South West coast path from our meeting point  (the national trust car park) we find the start of our Coasteering adventure.

Croyde Is a perfect balance of exploration and adventure as it offers a fantastic combination of jumps  ( 5-6m ) gully swims, mellow scrambles and waves. The rocks we explore are also around 400 million years old and hold tremendous energy!


Whether this is your first time Coasteering and you want to ease into it with smaller jumps, or you want to test your limits and go higher! Our Croyde routes all have multiple options to suit everyone.

The Croyde bay coasteering adventure can be taken to the next level, especially when there is a good swell running. Due to the formation of the geology, its gives us great protection from the waves but also some thrilling gully crossing’s & washing machine experiences!

When the tides and flat conditions align, Croyde can be explored to its fullest potential with a our 4hr epic tour. This includes, snacks, water and the longest coasteering route available at Croyde Bay. 

Hele Bay  2.5 Hours

Age 10+

Good level of fitness required and comfortable swimming 25m unassisted

Hele Bay is an old smugglers cove and located in the stunning coastal town of Ilfracombe. It’s still a little hidden gem of North Devon and as such is often less crowded than Croyde Bay. 

After a short walk from our meeting point (the Hele Bay public car park) we head off to start your epic adventure.

Due to the formation of the cliffs here and a natural deep-water shelf, it allows us to access some really big jumps (10m / 30ft roughly). Often the scrambles up to the jumps are more challenging and many of our swims involve us being close to the Bristol channel, with it's swell and the world’s 2nd biggest tidal range. This kicks up the washing machine experiences too!! We highly recommend this route if you are confident in the ocean, up for a challenge and most importantly, want to send it of some big jumps!

We are very lucky with the Hele Bay route that we often get 2 stunning views. The first is of the beautiful Ilfracombe harbour, which is truly staggering when looked at from the ocean. The second, on a clear day is across the Bristol channel to see the Welsh coastline of Pembrokeshire.

When the tides and flat conditions align, Hele can be explored to its fullest potential with our 4hr epic tour.! From Hele Bay to Rapery Cove and back along the Southwest coast path, this trip includes snacks, water along the way and the longest coasteering route available in Hele Bay.

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